Stiles Switch BBQ

Stiles Switch’s Info Detail
Address 6610 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78752
Phone (512) 380-9199
Hours Sunday: 11AM-9PM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Thursday: 11AM-9PM
Friday & Saturday: 11AM-9PM
Recommended Order Stiles Original Sausage (fiery pepper, beef, and pork mix)
Google Reviews 4.6 — 2000+

From Stiles Switch’s Website:

“The Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew team is lead by Taylor, Texas native and owner Shane Stiles along with lead pitmaster Lance Kirkpatrick. Kirkpatrick brings over fifteen years of industry experience and an impressive resume to the establishment. Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew, named after the historic 1800s I. & G. N. railroad stop Stiles Switch, Texas, is also namesake of the owner Shane Stiles. Shane’s inspiration for Stiles Switch BBQ is derived from his admiration of the Texas BBQ Legends he was raised on growing up in Central Texas. Stiles Switch plays tribute to these Texas “greats” by assembling a passionate team with decades of industry experience. Stiles is focused on setting the bar high with his “no corners cut” methods of preparation and selection of quality product.

Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew, set in the historic art deco 1950s Violet Crown Shopping Center on N. Lamar, is designed to host a nostalgic atmosphere that transcends back to the old Austin neighborhood style eatery which combines exceptional Texas BBQ , great atmosphere, and cold Texas craft brews. FUN FACT: The Violet Crown Shopping Center, one of the “oldest” shopping centers in central Austin, was also the film production hub for the late 1990s film “Dazed and Confused” starring Matthew McConaughey. The Stiles Switch BBQ lease space is the famed “Emporium” pool hall filmed in the movie. The Stiles Switch BBQ crew is excited about breathing new life into a historic part of central Austin and revitalizing the community that surrounds them.

Another key feature of the concept includes the craft brew features on tap. Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew, celebrates the local and Texas craft beer scene by hosting a variety of Austin craft brew favorites from the likes of new and established local breweries, as well as stocking the favorite domestics for the not so adventurous.

Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew aims to deliver a fun atmosphere with a nostalgic feel for high quality Texas BBQ and craft beer.”

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